Doing our part to lift up the church.

As part of a church seeking to reach the entire state of Utah, which brings with it a great responsibility.  We ask those who call The Mission Church "home" to consider how they can help lift up and serve the church body in various ways.  

kids ministry at The Mission Church in South Jordan, UT

Kids Ministry.

Help raise up the next generation by partnering with parents in sharing the stories of the Bible with children.  

Student Ministry.

Connect with and pour into the lives of students seeking to form a deeper grasp of the Bible and putting it into action. 

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small groups at The Mission Church in South Jordan, UT

Groups Ministry.

Groups are a core element of The Mission Church and serve as a vehicle to engage the Word and grow in fellowship with other believers.

Worship & Tech.

Be part of the inner workings of putting together and running the weekly services of The Mission Church from music, to tech, and more.

Worship Ministry at The Mission Church in South Jordan, UT