Bringing the Gospel to the state of Utah.

An Unreached People Group

There’s a category in missionary work often used to identify the most under-reached areas that exist:  “unreached people groups.” To be considered “unreached” there needs to be fewer than 2% Evangelical Christians living in that area. Many think of these groups as existing exclusively overseas, however that is most certainly not the case.

The state percentage of Evangelicals in Utah is a jaw-dropping 2.3%. Mere minutes from The Mission Church, Utah county has less than .5% Evangelicals. Utah desperately needs more Christians and churches. We are committed to bringing the Gospel message to the entire state of Utah.


The Goal

We desire to take the Gospel message to the unreached state of Utah mainly through church multiplication.  Rather than building up a large church, we believe the church needs to spread throughout the state, in every community pocket. Our hope and prayer is to join in God's mission of planting over 1,000 new churches in Utah.  As we grow, we will be seeking new ways in which we can send teams into every Utah community.  All so that the true Gospel message can be spread further to the people of Utah.