You can tell a lot about a church by getting to know its leaders. We have a strong conviction that Jesus Christ is our Lead Pastor (1 Peter 5:4), and you can get to know Him by reading His Word! But if you’d like to get to know a bit about the pastors at The Mission Church, here are some short introductions!


Ritch Sandford

Ritch and his wife Laura Sandford were born and raised in Chicago’s western suburbs. Before moving to Utah in 2013, Ritch served as a pastor at The Compass Church in Naperville, Illinois, for seven years. It was there that God gave them an ever-growing passion for evangelism and Christian ministry. Ritch founded The Mission Church and created GodLovesMormons.com (an evangelistic ministry to Mormons).

Aaron Shafovaloff

Aaron and his wife Stacia met at a CRU social in Dayton, Ohio. In 2005 they felt God’s call to join His work in Utah, and moved to the Wasatch front. Aaron started Temple Square street evangelism on Thursday nights, and has watched God grow that effort into a fruitful ministry. The Shafovaloffs joined The Mission Church in 2014 where Aaron currently serves as one of our pastor/elders. He works as a full-time software engineer, and is the creator of Theopedia.com (an encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity).



Benjamin Jensen

Bradley Campbell

Both Bradley and his wife Marisa grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Bradley attended and graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2017 with a degree in church planting. He originally came to The Mission Church as a Pastoral Resident to fulfill an internship requirement for Moody. While there, he began to feel drawn to pursue ministry in Utah, and so, after their wedding in early 2018, Bradley and Marisa both moved out to South Jordan.